Thursday, February 19, 2009

State of Oregon 150th Birthday Party

Another fun event on Valentine's Day. donated 375 cookies to the State of Oregon 150th Birthday Party. This was a very exciting event. The kids had a Blast decorating and eating cookies. My wonderful husband came and helped the kids. I had two volunteers helping the kids get their hands clean prior to decorating and then it was all icing and sprinkles. I wonder how many cookies and kids we served per minute during 11:00 am to 1:45 pm? 375 Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Cookies were gone. It was a fast event. Wow! We had a Great time and I know the kids did too. Happy Birthday Oregon!

104.1 The Fish Valentine Vow Renewal Weddings

What an awesome opportunity to be a part of the Valentine Renewal Marriage Vow's. You can go to 104.1 The Fish Radio Station and view the Web Cam videos of this fantastic event. 104.1 The Fish asked me to join them again this year to provide the Wedding Cakes for the Vow renewals. Here are the creations I provided. Each cake had a different flavor and filling on each tier. The work is a labor of Love. I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunity to Bless others. I hope you enjoy viewing these cakes as much as I did making them. Also, I want to encourage you to go to The Fish Radio Station to view and listen to each couple's story.