Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Meredith's Winter Wedding Cake

Wow, this December Storm has been amazing. I am so Thankful to see the Beautiful White Snow from the safety of my studio today. What a Blessing it has been to travel safely around the Portland area and deliver wedding cakes. I know this wedding was a memorable for all involved. Twice in one week my Husband made sure that we were able to deliver wedding cakes during the storm. All went as scheduled without a hitch. What a challenge for all those out there working and having to travel during a blizzard and ice storm here in the Portland area.

To all of you working and fullfilling your commitments Excellent Work! Thank you to all the people who have made sure our roads were open and power remained on this week. We were lucky to only have lost our power for 3.5 hours. What a miricle that the power did not go out while I was working on wedding cakes. What a week in the wedding world.

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