Monday, June 30, 2014

Poisonous Flowers that can not be placed on a Wedding Cake

Photo by Powers Studio Photography
Cake and Sugar Peonies by Seri Lopez owner of, LLC
As much as we love Fresh Flowers on Wedding Cakes we need to be extremely careful as to what Flowers we put on the cake. Just because it is Organic it does not make it OK to put the flower on a Wedding Cake or any Food item for that matter. Below is a link about the Beautiful Peony. Brides love them, photos of Peonies are on wedding cakes all over Pinterest, Facebook and the Internet... but you must remember that most of these cakes that you fall in love with are from a STYLIZED photo shoot and the cakes more then likely are dummy cakes with flowers placed on them and no one would ever eat them. There just for a photo. Gorgeous design and style YES... But it is just an idea for you. Trend setting in the World. Artists presenting their wedding ideas to you. I always ask brides to bring in their favorite wedding cake photos to get a feel for their design style to our tasting/design sessions. This helps us create a sketch for their own personal wedding cake. What happens is the Bride brings in the photo with the fresh Peony on her cake... and then I must educate them...  You JUST CAN NOT do this. I have been trying to educate Photographers and Florists about putting Peonies on wedding cakes don't do it! No one listens. Beautiful YES, will it make you sick YES. Please read the below link from e-how about Peonies and do your own Google Search and view the list below from Wikipedia ... you can read about just a few of the poisonous flowers. 

Be very careful as to what flowers you put on your wedding cake. Fresh Roses are lovely, or have me make sugar Peonies or even wafer paper Peonies.... but please, please be careful do not take the chance and making your guests ill. Just my two cents.  Do your homework Brides and Grooms since I make the cakes I do not want your guests to become ill. If you must put on fresh flowers, remember they must be grown in the US, pesticide free and not poisonous. When I arrive at your wedding and the Beautiful Flowers are there waiting for me to put them on your cake and I am not sure if the flower is ok to put on your cake I will certainly Google the flower while at the venue... and if it is safe then I will put the flower on the cake... and if not.... sorry I will not put it on. I will only use the safe flowers. Thanks for reading... Have a lovely day... Seri

List of poisonous flowers

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