Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun Cakes for the past 2 Months

I have been busy creating new cakes these past two months. I have just had a moment to sit down and Blog about a few of them. I was able to create a Dog for a surprise party, yep... my first Dog. I did a lot of praying, wasn't sure how he would turn out. I am very happy with this project. Then I was able to create a Jeep for another Birthday, throw in a few Weddings and just finished a Topsy Turvey Wanky Cake. I made a Viking Helmet for a Birthday this week and participated in three different fundraising events. I have been soooo busy. Thank you Lord!

It has been a wonderful learning experience. I love the creativity and am Blessed to be able to have an ability to recreate and come up with my own designs for cakes. I am excited to share my next projects with you in the next few months. Until then... Happy Cake Making to all.

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