Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hot Summer Month's Cake Creations

Ok I just went out and saw an awesome Blog Site. I feel like a .... I don't know .... I just am not sure if I am any good at this Blogging stuff ... Blogging and all the new tools, Facebook, Twitter ... you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my good ole Website. It is the Best and easiest for me to maintain my work. Anyway, enough of technology.
I have had busy busy summer months. Creating Wedding Cakes for clients to pickup and drive five hours away to setup themselves. Taking cakes my self all over the Northwest and gifting Wedding Cakes to dear friends this summer. I am very thankful to be busy and have exciting and creative work. Here are a few of my latest creations, one of my favorites is the Abram's Army Tank and the Jeep below ... then of course I love the RC Car that was a challenge in itself to create all the colors and scratches. I have created some purses and have had several beautiful wedding cakes ... fun kiddo birthday cakes oh and then there was Dalek, that was a fun cake too and on and on and on...

Working with cakes in the hot months is very challenging. You don't want your cake to melt and butter cream melts at 86 degrees that is if you are using real butter which I do. Other bakers out there love their shortening.... ehhhh not me. Only if the Client insists. Cakes are very soft, they don't hold up well in the heat at all, they like to collapse if you are not careful. You have to really have a good internal support system in your cakes so they don't go anywhere. I am so busy now with fun cakes I will post photos soon. Ok that's it for tonight. Enjoy!

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